Made in Situ is the manifestation of a creative dynamic of apperception, rooted in the treasures of a territory, its craftspeople and its systemic connections to nature. Resulting in a cycle of seasons, each with its own story.

“The designed pieces are the fruits of my adventures, explorations of geological and biological textures, patterns, materials and their related techniques. Above all, my stimulation comes from human knowledge and sensitivity, linking to and embedded in each specific place.” Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

The Made in Situ Lisbon studio exists to support these adventures and delve into these stories. It’s a platform that fosters a series of cross-disciplinary exchanges instigated by the designs and their process, a platform that reflects the current shifting movement of our human relationship to the Earth.




In Portugal, there is always the reminder of earth and Sea. The Sea, a link between the diversity that creates unity in this country, allows me to think, to project, to dream and to settle into the vastness of horizon and space. The Earth, on the other hand in all of its forms, invites me to do, to make and to realize. From North to South, our free exploration of the country regularly confronts us with breathtaking landscapes rich in geological and biological patterns and shapes. It (re-) connects us to Nature, sharpening instincts and emotions, vividly arousing the creative process. Exploring Barro Negro pottery from the Tondela region, Bunho, vegetal fiber harvested by artisans near Santarém, Cork sourced from Algarve, Stone from the quarries of Estremoz, or Bronze from Peniche; our endless search for Portuguese crafts and skills is a captivating way to get to know and experience Portugal’s regions in depth.




The ultimate source of inspiration lies in the craftspeople we meet. Each collaboration is intrinsically nourished through exchange. Initiating a specific and individualized form of communication between design and craft: respect for the process and for the traditions consistently enriches the reflection around the design. When unbridled this way, creativity thrives. We have an all hands in unison approach, hand envisioned and hand crafted, patiently between the workshops of the craftspeople and our studio. Each unique story is embodied in the resulting forms.



Searching back to basic principles, to the origins, to the ebb and flow of time. We need to slow down and reflect on the multi-layered influences on each project. What is being transmitted? How are we relating to the ecosystem? Within this important journey into tradition and its relationship with materiality and in turn sustainability, questions are raised. Made in Situ pieces become results of systems and wholes and are often not the story we thought we would experience or tell. The materials are raw, seasons feed the senses; Nature is the source.




Created by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Made in Situ presents a very limited number of pieces for every collection, paying tribute to beauty, people and functionality. The pieces invite others to experience the nuances of exploring a new environment through the unity of the senses, craftsmanship and Design. This is a project of perception. We take special care in contextualizing every collection we introduce in our Lisbon space. Sharing stories about the creative process, the emotions, the knowledge, the remarkable humans, their territory and our journey.




The MiS Space is a platform where we wish to offer people a chance to be in direct contact with our work. Occasionally we welcome the public together in an environment and adventure. These evenings, coinciding with the collection on view, share our sensory discoveries and reverberating inspirations, interpretations and evocations through gastronomy, music, events, talks and experiences.


Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance is a French designer working across a wide range of disciplines and materials to create a unified body of work with a narrative deeply rooted in nature. Born in the south of France in 1974, he followed the footsteps of his father, with an academic training in sculpture from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art, followed by a degree in furniture design from the renowned Les Arts Décoratifs. Fuelled by a rich creative background, Noé approaches design with an instinct and sensibility that gives form to projects ranging from architecture to furniture, interiors to bespoke, limited edition collections. His sculptural work showcases a respect for the past, combined with a simplicity of line and an honest desire to create pieces that last.

He has designed for industry leaders such as Saint Louis, Hermès, Ligne Roset, Cinna, Cec-cotti collezioni, Bernhardt Design, Sèvres, Mobilier National, Dior, Baccarat, La Chance, Petite Friture, Zanotta, Tacchini, ZaoZuo, Kundalini, Neal Feay, as well as many exhibitions and cultural institutions. His designs for architectural spaces include global boutiques for Montblanc, Air France and SFL business lounges #Cloud Business Center lounges, the interior of the Ciel de Paris and Sketch in London, as well as private residences around the globe. Noe’s approach to design celebrates the coming together of heritage, materials, industrial design, natural forms and fine craftsmanship.