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Barro Negro

Barro Negro, is rooted in the Serra do Caramulo mountains. The collections of pieces in three unique typologies embody the characteristics of the tumbled boulders in the mystical landscape, the community of people and the ancient Soenga, pit-firing technique. For Noé, interconnection was key, formally and in process, designing to celebrate and transport the sensations of this distinct environment through the handcrafted black ceramic forms.

Public visits are Tuesdays and Thursday
from 15:00-18:00

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Made in Situ Space is a platform where we wish to offer people a chance to be in direct contact with our work. Occasionally, we will host sensorial evenings. These evenings, coinciding with the collection on view, will be the opportunity to share our sensory discoveries and reverberating inspirations, interpretations and evocations through gastronomy, music, events, talks and experiences.