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The opposition between solid and liquid states at the heart of Bronze and Beeswax is expressed through the starkly different aesthetics between each piece’s interior and exterior. The cold quality of the minimalist design contrasts with the warmth it projects – replicated in the golden walls, embodied in the soft light of the candles. In shades ranging from yellow to brown, the candles emanate a sweet honey scent even without being lit.

Comprising fifteen candleholders in total, the collection divides into two different families: Lux and Flux.

FLUX: Composed of both vertical and horizontal pieces, Flux is an homage to beeswax. A candle stands atop each piece; below the candle, a carefully angled corridor welcomes the wax dripping down, solidifying against the bronze, and becoming one with it, an organic, fluid, sculptural body laid out on a golden bed.

LUX: Made of vertical pieces of different heights and widths, Lux is a tribute to light. Each piece receives the candle in its interior and mirrors the light in the golden walls; the narrow, elegant inside seems to expand and come alive with the reflections.

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/ Jul

A multisensorial dining experience taking guests on a journey through the origin of raw materials.

‘Table des Matières’ is a dining experience based on the relation between local materials, textures and ingredients found in Portugal, a creative experience to connect our senses to nature and the origin of Portuguese materials such as stone, wax, copper, metals, wood.


Made in Situ had the pleasure to collaborate with Chef Armand Arnal from La Chassagnette, his intuitive cuisine follows nature’s rhythm, finding a subtle and essential harmony in its fertile sobriety.

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